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Nature and Ecology

El Pozuelo farm is in an area declared a Natural Park in 1989. As well as that, this area is part of the Dehesa de Sierra Morena Biosphere Reserve and the Special Bird Protection zone.

Our Gastronomy

The area of Jabugo is global recognised for its products derived from pigs, especially, Jamón Ibérico de Bellota (Iberian acorn fed cured ham). You will also be enjoying a part of Europe with the biggest diversity of mushrooms, with varieties such as the Amanita Caesarea or the Amanita Ponderosa.


Nature is wise and offers you different sounds to help you rest and relax:

Birdsong at daybreak, the gentle sound of wind blowing through leafs on an Autumn afternoon or the sound of rain as you enjoy the warmth of a fireplace whilst roasting chestnuts in it… these are some of the little pleasures you can enjoy while staying in our cottages.